1 hr Presentation Slot

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1 hour presentation slot

*Please Note:

  • Presenters have the option to have their presentation/class/demonstration/lecture/journey be free or paid admission. Presenter is in charge of collecting payment for their workshop.
  • Presentation rooms are basic. They come equip with 30 chairs which can be stacked and moved if you choose to have attendees seated in another fashio (i.e.. on the floor, laying down, etc)
  • There is no microphone, speakers, extension cords or projector in these rooms. You are welcomed to bring your own. There are electrical outlets which you may use.
  • You have 15 days from time of purchase to send in your presentation form. This helps us promote you on the website, the OHM Expo Show Guide and physical event schedule at the show. Forms will not be accepted the week leading up to the show.
  • Once we receive your order, we will send you the available time slot(s) for you to reserve.
  • Multiple time slots may be purchased. Please contact us here to inquire about the back to back slots.
Dimensions of the presentation rooms:
  • O'ahu OHM Presentation Rooms: 27’ x 45’; 1200 sq ft. &  29’ x 37’; 1075 sq ft.
  • LA OHM Presentation Rooms:  57’ x  28’; 1547 sq ft.
  • Maui OHM Presentation Rooms: 16’ x  30’; 480 sq ft. 
    All reservations are non-refundable - by placing a reservation you agree to the terms & conditions stated here