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What are Angel Messages?

Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel are most frequently the angels that come forward to answer your questions through this channel. (Other angels may be available upon request.) The perspective the angels bring is quite different than looking into the future from a psychic viewpoint to see what are the probable outcomes in your future.

The perspective the angels bring is quite comforting and different from day-to-day reality. The angels’ viewpoint often centers around the wishes of your own heart, in this and other lifetimes, and how the circumstances coming into your life are placed there for particular reasons. This perspective can give you more insight into personal relationships, financial dynamics, work decisions . . . giving you more information about past life connections and soul purpose reasons for things happening as they are. So that as you move forward with decisions on creating your future you have all the information you need.

It is not just about the contentment of accepting everything as it is. The angels do bring a great sense of comfort. At the same time, they may have some missing pieces of information that will help you to better understand how to move forward and what decisions to make in your own life.

What is causing the sense of upheaval in my life? for example. Is it earth changes?

Is it a particular relationship dynamic?

And what is behind that?

Is it my own need to break free into something new?

Or, is it time to weather the changes and stand strong?

What are the best healing modalities for what I face right now? What are my gifts?

These are the kind of perspectives that the angels bring.

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Group Channeling. Adria Wind Horse Estribou will channel Archangel Raphael and perhaps other angels for a group message and then answer individual questions.
We have learned arduous ways over decades how to improve ourselves—our inner and outer lives. These were valuable tools for an age gone by. We are now in a time of instant reality, when it is much easier to craft what the heart wants for our unfolding life.
The precise topic will depend on what is happening energetically in that moment, and what questions arise.
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