Who We Are

The OHM Expo is brought to you by:

Magi Alliance of Gods of Earth is an animistic Church based in Honolulu, Hawai'i on the island of O'ahu.

"We have the ambition to bring conscious spiritual awareness through the study of religion & spiritual practices, recognizing that all religions are one in the same. MAGE aligns ourselves with Animism’s organized religious sect. We value the freedom to engage in all forms of spiritual, shamanistic, and magickal practices of the world. Our faith is the universal belief in spirit and Divinity residing in all that exists."







Vibe Tribe is Oahu's Conscious Community! ~open-source spiritual community empowering & nurturing our heart's path as we re-make our world with love ♥...

"Convening monthly to unite our incredible friends & family to celebrate life, love, food, music, & the rise of our Collective Consciousness! In addition to our monthly AudiOasis event, we hold many other magical gatherings featuring the amazing gifts we all have to share . . . We are also a 501c3 NonProfit Organization & . . . Together We Co-Create the Space for Conscious Evolution to Take Place . . .♥ Mahalo to all who have helped build our community into the magnificence it is now & all that it is becoming! ~We welcome all to join in the magic of creation ~please share your passion & purpose with us . . . Mahalo nui loa!"



Its all happening so fast... the community is growing in ways we haven’t even dreamed of... I’m so excited to see what we all can accomplish together!



We aim to bring you the largest local holistic and metaphysical expo Oahu has ever seen... and this is only the beginning!