The Wise Owls Daughter

Listen to your whispering spirit with . . .

The Wise Owls Daughter. I’m thrilled you’re here—because it means you are ready to go deep within your soul and finally hear your heart whispering; the voice we tend to deny. I use tools such as healing crystals, the Tarot, Pendelum, Ouija Board and Intuitive readings. I also have a store and offer classes for those of you who want to dig deeper and share your knowledge.

It was always my dream to connect with others spirit to raise consciousness and vibrations through healing. I am of Native Hawaiian ancestry and am a Kahuna by blood in Hawaii. My journey has been enlightening and I am ready to share my knowledge to build stronger

spiritual communities. I will be blogging about Healing recipes and elixirs, spirit and soul travel, dreams, spirit guides and guardian angels, crystals and their beautiful vibrations and many more.

Listen to your whispering spirit. Dream Rainbows.

OHM Expo Special:

$1.00 a minute Tarot Readings starting at 10 minutes increasing in increments of 5 minutes, to allow customers to choose!

Ouija Reading $25 for 10 minutes.


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