The Sound Experience

The Sound Experience

Medicine of the Future...Now


"Sound will be the medicine of the future." A prediction made in the early 1900's by Psychic and Healer, Edgar 

Fast forward to the future of Now, and we absolutely see the re-awakening and rise of sound healing in almost every culture, in every part of the world, in hospitals, sacred temples, meditation centers and beyond. We also see a rise of scientific proof and the expansive lists of sound healing benefits on the body and mind.


For Sunday, Day 3 of the OHM Expo only! 6 of Hawaii's top Sound Alchemists are gathering in one space to offer you a one of a kind journey into the powerful healing vibrations of sound.

From the cosmic vibrations of the Gongs to the angelic sound waves of the Crystal Singing Bowls intuitively woven together with other ancient sacred instruments, we invite you to lay back and immerse your self in a unique, magickal experience!

See more sound healing benefits & what to bring below!


DAY/TIME: Sunday (Day 3) @ 12pm = (Arrive as early as 30 min before, arrival by 15 min before starting time); Doors close promptly at noon.


PRICE: FREE with all admission tickets*


- Mat - We will have yoga mats available for you, but you’re encouraged to bring your own or something comfortable to lay on.
- A sweater/something warm
- Eye Mask (blocks out any remaining light)


-stress & anxiety relief,
-pain relief,
-speeds up healing process,
-improve symptoms of depression,
-PTSD antidote,
-enhanced brain function,
-clears mind chatter,
-repair & activate DNA,
-improve sleep patterns,
-sensations of levitation,
-astral travel,
-brings more joy & motivation
-spark new creative ideas and help to bring clarity to those areas of your life you may be unsure about.


Sarah Daigle
Reiki Master | Gong Master | Sound Alchemist
Intuitive Wellness Coach | Meditation Guide
Healing Hale

Nestled on Mt. Tantalus, the Healing Hale sends good vibrations over Honolulu & welcomes those seeking a lighter path. We teach, we heal, we are the light.

*Entry to The Sound Experience is complementary with all 3-Day Weekend Passes and Sunday-day Pass holders