Sun Moon Apothecary

Sun Moon Apothecary empowers people to take healing into their own hands through the art of self~care & herbal remedies.

We have the ability to heal ourselves. The greatest preventative action for imbalance we can take is to practice the art of self~care. When we confidently take healing into our own hands and hearts, miracles can happen. The art of self~care is a powerful pathway to healing the mind/ body split, and to releasing distressing emotions. At Sun Moon Apothecary, we lovingly handcraft body wellness products designed to help women and men cultivate a deeper presence within their bodies, create a lifestyle of living in balance, and nurture the physical body while cultivating loving self~care practices. Our ingredients are organic and sourced from Hawaii whenever possible.

We specialize in crafting products that focus on sexual & reproductive health. Our reproductive and sexual health is the source of our creative energy, the vital life force that births everything into physical form. Unresolved emotions and trauma can hang out in these precious areas of our body resulting in various forms of disease, imbalance and blockages that prevent the embodiment of our greatest creative potential.

Our products support an increase in sexual vitality, fertility & pleasure, help release stagnant energy, trauma & distressing emotions, balance hormones, vaginal flora & libido, strengthen the pelvic floor & sexual stamina, support postpartum healing and much more! Emily, the creatrix of Sun Moon Apothecary, will be offering health consultations during OHM Expo.


  • Massage Oils: Breast Radiance Oil, Happy Belly Oil, Blissful Womb Oil, Healthy, Prostate Oil.
  • Dried Herbal Remedies: Vaginal Steam Blends, Soothing Postpartum Sitz Bath
  • Salves: Booty Balm, Down There Relief
  • Suppositories for Women: Probiotic Flora V, Balance V
  • Yoni Eggs
  • Mahina Cups


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OHM Expo Special:

Free gift with purchase ~ Yarrow Hydrosol made from wild crafted Mauna Kea Yarrow to uplift your spirit and gently cleanse your aura!