Shylah Ray Sunshine

Shylah Ray is an award-nominated and influential vocalist, musician, mother and activist. Originally native Canadian, her music rooted in California and has been shared all over the world. She began writing inspirational music and developing her career in Los Angeles after the birth of her first child. Self-taught vocally and on piano, Shylah has inspired and moved audiences through the delivery of her powerful voice and moving lyrics. She is also a Doula and Vocal coach with a new album underway. You can register for her Soul Voice Singing lessons online


Your authentic, soul voice is a resource waiting to be used creatively, boldly & compassionately. In this experiential workshop, gain tools to express and sing more effortlessly. Welcome more ease, power and confidence in your voice & learn how to share it with the world. 


Sunday (Day 3) 11:30 - 12:30pm Room #303A