Scalar Light

“Improving the Human Condition” with Scalar Light

Presented By: Tom Paladino researcher/inventor

1:15 - 2:15pm Saturday Room #303A

Scalar Light is a remote wellness tool that is safe & effective for all ages and will profoundly improve health of all users.

Complementary 15 or 30 day trials of our remote healing support program.


Nikola Tesla discovered an energy not of the electromagnetic spectrum over 100 years ago. Through decades of research, Tom Paladino has rediscovered “Scalar Energy” and has developed an instrument called Scalar Light which can transmute pathogens quickly as well as align the chakras and increase cellular mutation remotely for anyone-anywhere in the world.


Each of us has an energy field that is as individual as your fingerprint or DNA. Scalar Light addresses your health from an energetic perspective. This light – energy has the ability to improve nutritional status, balance chakras/energy meridians of the body, and assists your body in achieving emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.


Scalar Light has the ability to “transmute“ or break apart pathogen‘s (germs), toxins and environmental chemicals (like glyphosate and BPA) thus; assisting your body to eliminate that which is harmful to your body’s energetic well-being. We can administer Scalar Light to anyone, anywhere in the world by only using your photograph. Join our discussion to learn more and receive your complementary 15-day Scalar Experience.


“The real threat against mankind may not be war- It’s germs”.

-Thomas J. Paladino

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