Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer Mindie Adamos

Mindie joins OHM in 2019 all the way from Virginia Beach, VA. Mindie frequently tours across the various states on the mainland United States and makes a regular stops on Maui to visit Ohana as well.

Meet Mindie: (

Mindie is a natural born, multi-generational Psychic Medium & Shaman. At the age of 3 she remembers seeing and talking to Spirit.  She somehow "knew" things about people and situations happening around her.  Despite these abilities, which many kids struggle to understand at such a young age, she hid away and ignored these gifts which inevitably lead her down the road of becoming a Professional Psychic and a path of Shamanism. At the age of 19 Mindie joined GEICO and moved quickly up the company management chain where she worked for 16 years. In 2009 she met the love of her life, and moved to Virginia Beach, VA.  Little did she know that on Christmas Day 2010, her father-in-law (Pops) would deliver a message to her that would change her life forever.  Pops had frequented trips to the Philippines, his native country, and had been receiving message from a family Psychic back in his hometown. On Christmas Day 2010, he sat down with Mindie and confirmed her calling to “Help Get the World Back to Love”.  She would become a world-wide channeler of Spirit as a Professional Psychic Medium and deliver specific messages to people all over the world.


Mindie's calling as a New Energy, Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer is unique. She is not just connecting your loved ones and pets from the other side. As a multi-galactic Shaman and Psychic, her gifts go beyond what most can comprehend without having worked directly with her. Mindie is a "soul connector and healer" and connects with the "soul" of the human body, which is never dead nor alive. She can heal and connect with thoughts, feelings, and emotions regardless of whether the human/pet is alive or passed. Mindie's ability to connect with the soul and heal across all lifetimes and dimensions is what sets her gifts and abilities apart from traditional intuitives/healers. You will soon come to learn, that the healing abilities that were gifted to her in this lifetime are exactly that, LIFE CHANGING. As a multidimensional link between our spiritual and our physical worlds, Mindie's channel through Spirit brings messages AND healings. Many clients' lives have been changed after booking one session with her, including lifesaving miracles.


Mindie's natural, multi-intuitive abilities not only include communicating with Spirit on all levels, but also past life exploration and dream interpretation.  She has also worked with non-verbal adults/kids relaying messages of hope and healing to distraught family members, as well as families whose journeying includes loved ones in Hospice. Mindie's passion runs deep for families who have children living with Autism, ADHD, and sensitivities to Spirit, chemicals, and food allergies, and more. Her gifts also allow pet communication and healing. Not only has she worked with thousands of clients in one-on-one sessions all over the world, but she has also been featured in several small and large venues. Some events and venues include the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Psychic Fair, A1R Radio, Podcasts, Health and Wellness Conferences, Ultimate Girlfriend Affair Conventions, Diamond Jo Casino, and Marquette Casino. She has also helped in missing person cases and paranormal investigationsin various cities. Lastly, Mindie is also a Professional Psychic Business Coach helping to heal, channel, and change lives personally, and professionally, for small/large businesses and corporations. Visit for even more tour dates, events & services.

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