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Michelle D T the artist behind MetameArt

I have been obsessed with drawing and coloring since I was a child. From the time my father presented me with a recycled ice cream bucket of broken oil pastels and a stack of drawing paper an energetic spark hit me and I have happily never recovered.

My concept of transformation (metamorphosis) and the meaning of growth, expansion and change created my first artist name title ‘Metamorphosis of Me’ which I began to tag in all my art pieces and social media. I became obsessed with butterflies and fairies and their dynamic qualities. Nature remains a constant inspiration through exploring hiking trails and bodies of water wherever I travel. I am inspired and have a passion for expressing the natural beauty of women.

Our strength, courage and wisdom inspire every piece that I create. I’ve taken these elements and brought them together in every piece. I want my art to inspire and heighten the viewers own sense of self love as it does my own.

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