Light Alchemy HI

Light Alchemy HI connects people to their true selves: bringing more relaxation, improving cognitive functioning, and awakening inner balance and being.

LightAlchemy HI facilitates a process of self-discovery: bringing more relaxation, improving cognitive functioning, and awakening inner aspects of self.

Tools and Services to assist with awakened awareness and expansion of self:

  • Sacred Geometry Jewelry, eForcePlus Pendants
  • Deep trance Light Meditation Sessions (1-3 people per session)
  • Meet the Maui Mystic and schedule your future comprehensive Tarot Card reading or spiritual life advisory sessions!
  • Supercharged raw stones and crystals
  • Authentic Indian Mandala Tapestries
  • Metallic Temporary Tattoos with unique designs including Sacred Geometry, Spiritual, Cannabis, Yoga and witty sayings

Do you long to connect to your inner most truth and purpose? Do you want to attract more wealth and prosperity in your life now? How about creating more relaxation and fun? Light Alchemy HI is here to support you in your in your personal transformation.

We are all seekers. Seekers of truth, beauty, wisdom, prosperity - the Divine within all things. Yet how can we best realize this in our everyday life? Moreover, how can we get out of our own way and create the wealth, purpose, impact, and love we so desire?

Light Alchemy HI facilitates a process - a journey of discovery to connect deeply and profoundly to ourselves. In doing so, we create 'the more' that we seek in our lives now. For some, this may mean unlocking riches within life. For others, it is finally being able to accept and receive love. No matter what you are a seeker of, we will support in illuminating your way!

Light Alchemy HI works the PandoraStar Lamp - a brainwave entrainment device that awakens the deepest aspects of our being. More than a mere lamp, the PandoraStar is a neurostimulator, which combines a stroboscope with multiple entrainment patterns to guide you into yourself. Some effects experienced by clients are:

  • improved sleep quality & relaxation
  • increased sensations of well-being
  • greater concentration & mental awareness
  • lucid dreaming & deep meditation

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