Joel Spiral

Mountain living, quantum Hip-Hop decoded to inspire minds.

Darkness is powerless. It has no weight other that which we provide for it. Even these words, spoken and read, resonate with resolve to rescue the light from within. There … now we’re on to something. A beat, a tempo, a rhythm … building, blossoming, marshaling the light … a charged thrust through the darkness. I know the way. The battlefield for confronting our darkness, is life. My weapon of choice is free expression – virgin pure quantum lyrics twisting a figure 8 of our DNA’s infinite potential. If you didn’t blossom with the tempo before, you are now, and for good reason. Magnetism. The energy, the phenomena of attraction. Hear its rallying call against the darkness on my new hip-hop album of the same name. Maybe you’ve riffed with me on the streets, beaches, and waves of Hawaii or shared my love on YouTube. Or maybe you joined my drum circle for the Hawaii Juvenile Detention System or heard of my nomination for the 2012 Na Hoku Hanohano Award. We all share some connection – face-to-face, through hip-hop, or just as primal stardust born of the spiraling Milky Way. My album, Magnetism, is an expression of that connection through hip-hop. It’s an offensive against the darkness that we too often succumb to in our earthly lives. And most of all, it will put you in strong positive motion, to find your light and shed your burden.

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