Inspired Life Essentials

I hope to inspire, and educate you to live a healthier, happier lifestyle through massage, essential oils, and some pearls of wisdom I have gained along the way. Enjoy!

Helping you live an inspired life through massage, essential oils, and hopefully a few pearls of wisdom.

Bryan Jordan has been in the wellness field for over a decade. He started his journey in 2004 as a massage therapist, helping others overcome stress, and pain. He quickly followed that up with certifications in reiki, chi nei tsang, STOTT Pilates, and life, and spiritual coaching. When he was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils, he was amazed by the profound effect they had on his, and his clients' physical, and emotional health. The positive experiences he had motivated Bryan to deepen his knowledge of the benefits of essential oils, and to share them with everyone he could. His goal is to help every home experience the life changing benefits of dōTERRA essential oils.

While pursuing his essential oil business, Bryan stumbled upon the healing effects of Baltic Amber Jewelry designed for diffusing essential oils. He was attracted by the amber's natural beauty, and soothing quality. After trying it out, he discovered that this jewelry was the BEST method for experiencing the aromatic benefits of essential oils throughout the day. Bryan now never leaves his home without wearing one of his amber pendants. He is excited to be able to share them with others.

Bryan's business currently runs through several states, and three countries. It has taken him on journey's to Salt Lake City, Long Beach, Las Vegas, and Mexico. He currently teaches weekly essential oil classes on their uses, and healing benefits, and is proud to call Hawaii his home, and central location of business.

Bryan Jordan LMT MAT#8880
Sacred Breath Healing Arts
Therapeutic Massage
Chi Nei Tsang
Singing Crystal Bowl Concerts
Business Coaching for Wellness Practitioners

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