Born during a revolution in Tehran, Iran, I became aware of politics and social injustice at a very early age. Raised and educated under a strict dictatorship, I learned the truth only through the love and strength of my family. I knew at a young age who not to trust. The school room brainwashing of the dictators further instilled in me the fact that the government was up to no good. Escaping Iran through the sheer determination of my parents, I arrived in New York at the age of 8. Not knowing the language or customs of this new home I found refuge in things I already had familiarity with, mainly music.


Hip Hop, mostly through break dancing and graffiti, had crossed many borders by the early 80's and Tehran was no exception. My older sister and cousins were breakin as far back as I remember. Most people dont really understand the far reaching and profound effect Hip Hop culture had on the world, and in places with strict cultural rules like Iran, Hip Hop was a full blown revolution. Underground parties have a completely different meaning in a country where music and dancing is literally illegal. Kids celebrated this music knowing at any time they could be beaten to death for doing so. Hip Hop was an international sensation and I had just moved to the mecca of the movement. I basically learned to speak english by listening to RUN DMC, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, BDP, Eric B & Rakim, etc. I also loved Rock and was turned on to Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and Black Sabbath by my hippie uncle. Actually my earliest memory of music is hearing Pink Floyd's The Wall and Santana's Caravansarai. It was all the same to me, rock hip hop jazz reggae funk classical folk blues electronic. I just like good music and strive to create good music regardless of trends or corporate support. Once I made the move to Hawaii in 1999 I found my true home and tremendous inspiration in my surroundings. I try to represent all of the places i have lived through my words and music but Hawaii holds a very special place in my heart. Hawaii is where i found my voice and where I continue to live and flourish!


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