Aloha and welcome to The Organic Holistic & Metaphysical - OHM Expo!    Summer ‘20

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ Everything on this page. 

We are working very hard to provide a successful and extraordinary event in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawai'i!

Now the world can find your business much faster and easier. We have created an online directory called for the Organic, Holistic, & Metaphysical community of the world. We are regularly promoting and running targeted social media ads to funnel people to that are interested in businesses like yours. You are welcome and encouraged to build/update your Business Listing on

If you have vended with us in the past (before July 2019); you already have a Business Listing on which you can search for on and claim by clicking the "Claim Now" button at the bottom of your listing after you have signed up with a personal profile. You are encouraged to add your business logo, photos of you, your services/merchandise/products to add visuals to your profile, along with any OHM Expo Show Specials you may have on your Business Listing Page. Please view screen shot:

How to create a Ohmfuss Business Listing:

IMPORTANT: If you do not have Business Listing on yet; After you sign up for Ohmfuss and you create a personal profile, you must "Add a Listing" to create a Ohmfuss Business Page, just like on Facebook or Yelp. Below are some screen shot instructions: 👇👇👇

Step 1

Click the GREEN "Register" button.

Step 2

After logging in, click the PINK "Add Listing" button.

Step 3

Choose "Add Listing".

Once your Business Listing Page is built, please send us the listing link along with a high resolution business logo/image for your profile to so we can link it to the exhibitor list on the website!

Venue Information

  1. THE VENUE IS IN THE EXHIBITION HALL @ NEIL S. BLASIDELL CENTER.  The address is 777 Ward Ave. please note: the OHM Expo will be in the EXHIBITION HALL and NOT the HAWAII SUITES as previous shows have been.
  2. Exhibitors must check in no later than 2:30PM Friday (8/7)
  3. Exhibitor set up is Thursday (8/6) 3-8pm and Friday (8/7) 12 - 3pm. The Show opens to the public at 3pm Friday.
  4. Please bring your own cart, the hall does not have any available.
  5. Show hours are Friday (8/7/20) 3pm – 8pm, Saturday (8/8/20) 10am - 8pm and Sunday (8/9/20) 10am - 6pm. You will be able to get into the building at 9am on Saturday and Sunday to refresh your booth before we open to the public.
    On Friday and Saturday after the show ends at 8pm, you will have until 9pm to be out of the hall, no exceptions! On Sunday evening, you will have until 9pm to tear your booth down.
  6. Please do not burn any candles or incense, it is considered a fire hazard and a violation with the facility.
  7. Exhibitors operating sound producing instruments, devices, and/or equipment please keep sound at a reasonable volume that of a normal speaking voice, in order to avoid disturbing other exhibitors. 
  8. Reader’s Booths are the ONLY BOOTHS that come with a complementary 6ft x 30in UNDRAPED table and 3 chairs. Merchant Booth Exhibitors flying in from off island (showing proof of travel) will also receive a complementary 8ft x 30in UNDRAPED table and 2 chairs. To receive your complementary table and chairs, please notify us at prior to August 1, 2020.  Merchant Booth Exhibitors who purchased their early bird booth on Sunday 2/23/20 (last day of the previous OHM Expo - will receive their complementary tables and chairs). You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own unique table cloth. 

    All other merchant booth exhibitors:
    you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own tables, chairs and booth decorations. If you would like to reserve tables and chairs from us, please click here:
  9. Need electricity? Electricity can be purchased here:
  10. ALL Exhibitor Booths are NOT TO BE LEFT UNATTENDED, for no longer than 45 minutes. The attendees are coming to experience the entire show. Do not tear down your booth until 6pm Sunday. Any exhibitor who leaves the show early, or abandons their booth for a long duration during the hours we are open to the public, will not be accepted as an exhibitor to future OHM Expos.
  11. As a courtesy to the OHM Expo Team and the Neil S. Blaisdell Center - please follow the Leave No Trace Principle by throwing away any garbage, signage, fasteners and any other items you may have brought into the building. Simple put, clean up after yourself! 
  12. Parking: Parking at the Blaisdell is $9. There is meter parking along the street and free parking along Pensacola (please pay attention to city & county street/parking signs). There is no free load in parking on Friday for set up. Please do not park at the Box Office Parking lot.
  13. As much as we love your fur-babies 🐶🐹🐵 - please leave them at home! The venue has a STRICT policy of no pets.
  14. Booth sharing is NOT PERMITTED at the upcoming OHM Expo. All exhibitors selling or offering any merchandise or services MUST BE PRE-APPROVED BY THE OHM EXPO MANAGEMENT by August 1, 2020.
  15. Be sure to check your email for more info, tips & updates that’ll be sent out shortly! 
We’re going to have an incredible show!

Don’t forget to add the Facebook Event Page to your Business Page! 

Do this by the following steps, on your browser (not in the Facebook app):

  1. Go to the event pages: OHM Expo • Organic Holistic & Metaphysical Expo Oahu Summer 2020
  2. Click the “...” button to the right of the “share” button
  3. Click "Add to Page”
  4. In the drop down Click “Select a Page” > Select your business page
  5. Click "Add Event"

Any questions please feel free to contact us at