Gypsy Fatima

Past- Life Reading, Crystal Ball Reading, Healing, Removals and Hex Breaking, Past-life Regression Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Tarot or Mediumship.



The Journey to Enlightenment “Let me be the light that shows you the way”

GYPSY FATIMA is a third generation psychic medium who became aware of her gifts when she was a child. Originally from New Jersey, she has studied with multiple teachers and now passes her knowledge on to her own students.

“At a young age, I began seeing spirits and communicating with them,” says Fatima. “For years, I kept my visions and psychic experiences silent. It wasn’t until my grandmother’s passing that I discovered that my gift was hereditary. This motivated me to harness my abilities and follow my grandmother’s path. I now use my gifts to help others.”

Fatima began her journey at Madame Marie’s boardwalk booth

at Asbury Park, NJ, made famous by Bruce Springsteen’s “4th of July” song, where she met Psychic Sally. From there, she traveled to Fanwood, NJ, and worked under Catholic psychic medium J.D. at Indigo Papillon. She has also studied and worked at The Healing Center, NJ. In 2015, Fatima spent time at the Journey Within Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, where she studied the sermons

of Janet Nohavec, a former nun who has devoted herself to

In 2017, New Zealand called to Fatima, and she spent time exchanging knowledge with a Maori healer at the thermal village of Tewhakarewarewatangaoteopetawaawahiao. Fatima is an explorer by nature, and has traveled the world on modest means, giving readings along the road and wherever she’s called.

Presently, she works at a small psychic medium booth at the ‘Ohana Hale Marketplace at Ward Village where she offers readings and guidance to those who seek it. She also participates in various expos like the O‘ahu Holistic and Metaphysical (O.H.M) Expo, and at craft fairs around the island of O‘ahu.

Fatima is a lifelong student, constantly studying new mysteries, and is currently training to provide up- to-date sacred protection for those in need with a priest in Honolulu.

Some of Gypsy Fatima’s abilities and gifts include: Past-life and past-life regression therapy, dream interpretation, tarot, mediumship, intuitive reading, intuition development, oracle reading, divination, scrying, and pendulum work. But she is best known for her removals and hex breaking ability, as passed down to her from her matralineal line, which originates with the indigenous Taíno people of modern day Puerto Rico.

“If you’re reading this, your journey has just begun. Aloha, and I look forward to meeting you.”


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