Exhibit at OHM Expo!

The Oahu Holistic & Metaphysical (OHM) Community is uniting the rapidly growing conscious cultures of our 'aina together. Sharing our holistic, metaphysical, and natural talents, services and skills- gaining the exposure and momentum needed to share with society how to live more harmoniously with ourselves, our earth and all her beautiful occupants! ✡


MAGE & HI VibeTribe

proudly bring you:

OHM Expo Fall 2019

A Mindful Healing Arts, Workshop & Vegan Exposition

Healers, Readers, Jewelers, Meditation Instructors, Apparel & Clothing Makers, Crystal, Stone & Essential Oil Merchants, Candle Makers and so much more to the residents and visitors of O'ahu.

If you offer a service and/or have speciality products centered around natural, conscious, wholesome living - this is the marketplace for you!

The OHM Expo will give you the opportunity to branch out of your usual client circle, expand to new potential targeted audiences, and share your talent island wide!


  • 2,500+ (proj.) Consumers Will See Your Products and Services
  • Demonstrate New Products & Services to the Community
  • Promote your Brand Name Recognition
  • Experience Hands-On Marketing
  • Penetrate New Markets
  • Reach a Year’s Worth of Consumers in 2 Days!
  • Great Bounce Back Coupon Opportunity 
  • Increase sales with Special OHM Expo Discounts, Offers & Specials
  • Enhance Your Company Image & Credibility
  • Monitor the Latest in Industry & Customer Trends


OHM Expo Team has an aggressive marketing campaign that seeks to generate thousands of motivated local consumers

  • Radio & Local Print
  • Social Media Channels & Email Marketing
  • Influencer Partnerships & Sponsors
  • Community Promotions
  • Posters & Flyers Posted Throughout the Island of O'ahu
  • On-site Advertising
  • OHM Expo Show Guide
  • Giveaways & Door Prizes                  ...and much more!



What makes the OHM Community so special.. is YOU! Our exhibitors, vendors, presenters, attendees, partners and sponsors! MAGE prides itself on creating a playing field to showcase our natural, local, expert talents of our exhibitors to the attendees. Creating an exciting, interactive, aloha enriched community where you can enjoy, experience and profit. OHM Expo is more then just a metaphysical fair We promote & support 100% plant-based lifestyles, cultivating a healthy, organic, holistic way of living unifying the body, mind, and spirit!


  • Tradition coupled with innovative healing technologies
  • Great Attendance
  • Readers, Healers & New Experiences
  • Merchants of all sorts
  • An Incredible Community
  • And remarkable exhibits & memorable presentations

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