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Title: Embodied Astrology
Planetary Archetypes through the Signs and Houses
Price of Admission: $8 per person*
Bring your own Astrological birthchart and learn the basic tools for interpreting planetary influence based on sign and placement.

In this workshop, I will cover the mythological origin of the planetary identities and how they each bear a unique influence on the human psyche. I will demonstrate the application of these archetypes through example charts of well-known celebrities. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions general and specific to their own natal chart.

*additional admission fee to attend this workshop collected at the door to presentation room, all attendees must purchase OHM Expo Admission to attend this workshop. 


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The body is our vessel into this world and also our means for realizing our potential beyond this life and this world. We discipline the body to access the higher realms of the mind through yoga and meditation, so shouldn’t we also see our bodies as a reflection of the mind? Each human has immunity, which implies the innate potential to self-heal. immunity becomes suppressed by stress; physical, mental, and emotional. Our fascia is the connective tissue that bridges the gap between our nervous system (psychological/emotional) and our musculoskeletal system (physical/tangible.) Bowenwork is a fascia healing modality.

Bowenwork addresses the fascia at specific meridian points, reminding the body of its ability to unravel its unnatural tensions and thereby create a holistic healing response which influences the entire organism. Bowenwork utilizes the latest science of Quantum Physics Mechanics in that it applies the fact that every action has an equal opposite reaction. Therefore, too much pressure applied in bodywork will actually stress the body and create a further “resistance response.” Lena is trained in the subtle art of “tense sense,” applying the adequate amount of pressure for your unique body.  


When the body refuses to release by external means alone, a psychological or emotional block is likely responsible. Lena Siemiesz is certified in Theta Healing techniques, along with Bowen therapy, to heighten the receptivity of the organism thereby enabling the release of the toxic pattern or restrictive condition. Lena also applies techniques of Evolutionary Astrology by analyzing a client’s birth chart to aid in self-awareness and further equip the client for potential challenges and opportunities present in this incarnation.  

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