Creative Health

Personalized bioenergetic scan with results. 
Personalized bioenergetic PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sessions. 
Customized “Feel Good” bioenergetic remedies



Bioenergetics is the study, detection (with a scan), & correction (through personalized remedies) of energy in living systems. This is what NES – Nutri-Energetics System – is all about. This is THE “missing piece” in my life-long search for healing & wellness. Although I’ve had a fulfilling & extensive career in music – both as a musician & as a music therapist, I’ve continued to learn, experience, & study alternative means of healing & ways of empowering others to reach their highest potential. With over 30 years of research & its ability to address physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual aspects of health & wellness, Creative Health is the most comprehensive system of healthcare I have ever encountered.

Many people are stressed & are struggling with issues of poor sleep, pain, low energy & low mood, & may even be looking for ways to combat the toxic effects of EMF (e-smog, or radiation exposure from computers, cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.). With the Creative Health personalized bioenergetic scans, we can see immediately how you can best be supported with dynamic shifts in your highest priority challenges. These personalized NES bioenergetic liquid remedies & PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sessions provide powerful shifts, ultimately optimizing your body’s own self-healing & self-regulating capacities & allowing you to regain your health & make significant changes in your life.

With 5,000 practitioners in 25 countries around the world, Creative Health is leading & revolutionizing the emerging field of bioenergetics. Please visit the Creative Health Booth & my NES demonstration presentation, “Personalized Bioenergetic Scans and PEMF Sessions” to experience how you & your loved ones can benefit from this exciting & dynamic approach to positive change!


OHM Expo Specials:

1. Drawings for FREE personalized scans & PEMF sessions (1 at Presentation, 2 at Booth)

2. Drawings for FREE “Feel Good” bioenergetic remedies

3. FREE PEMF sessions for stress at Creative Health Booth

4. FREE samples of “Feel Good” bioenergetic remedies

5. Kit of 4 “Feel Good” bioenergetic remedy bottles @ $25/bottle (value of $30/bottle)

6. Expo Discounted Specials (50% paid in advance & scheduled for post-expo):

• $99 1st time special for personalized bioenergetic scan & PEMF session (value of $125)

• $25 per bottle of liquid bioenergetic remedy (value of $30/bottle)