Bana Kuma


Rhythm dance and song as Intention, prayer and spirit communication. The Bana Kuma is an ancient wisdom offering based on the 4 elements and 12 archetypes. Each archetype is seen as a core piece of wisdom that creates the 12 pillars of the Bana Kuma. The elements and archetypes are celebrated with intricate dance rhythms and songs that are said to invoke the wisdom and essence of each element and archetype.
Immense healing, expansion and a tangible connection to other realms are the by products of this experience. Presented By: Chris Berry


Bana Kuma literally means “Sacred Altering.” It refers to the process of creation in which a thought becomes manifest into reality. From the Bana Kuma's perspective this altering of a thought into Reality is the most sacred act a human can partake in. Because of this it would seem wise to hone or master our creation skills. To this end the Bana Kuma uses the 4 elements and 12 archetypal pillars of wisdom to guide us on our creative journey as incarnated souls. The Bana Kuma is said to have its origins in the first “tribes" of sentient beings to populate earth after a great flood that happened around 12,000 years ago. More recently this wisdom has returned to humankind via spirit mediums in Zimbabwe who actively channel the keepers of the Bana Kuma. Chris Berry has been initiated as one of these mediums in Zimbabwe and has been given the task of sharing the wisdom of the Bana Kuma far outside the boarders of Zimbabwe. Chris has also composed, Songs, Rhythms and dances the celebrate each of the 12 archetypes After 10 years in Zimbabwe, Chris is now sharing this wisdom with the rest of the world since 2008. Bana Kuma had been called the Yoga of African Dance as each movement has a meaning and helming benefit as does each rhythm and song. With Bana Kuma Rhythm is he mantra, song the prayer and dance the physical healing.

Our Mission: 

To support individuals to intentionally process their thoughts to manifestation through music, dance, wisdom and archetypal embodiment

Banakuma with Chris Berry from Shannon Aroha on Vimeo.

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