Keli Jackson - Angel Native

Divine Channeling, Angel Intuitive/Psychic Mediumship Readings, Alignment Healing, Energy Balancing Spiritual Development

Keli is a natural born healer and intuitive based in beautiful Hawaii. Sessions are Love and Divine Light based with combined gifts and abilities that will coalesce into clarity, healing and self empowerment. She has channeled Spirit Guides, Angels, Saints and more, but it is always interesting to see who might show up for sittings! Experienced, trusted, loving and accurate - Keli is known for patrons experiencing wholeness, joy and overall feeling much better off than before a session with her. As a spiritual teacher, she easily knows people’s innate gifts and works with your Spirit Team directly to explore and enhance your connection, intuitive gifts and abilities.


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All sessions 33% off during Expo - Free Audio Recording Included!


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