Jonathan Barry

Jonathan Barry, co-founder of the HI Vibe Tribe 501c3 and AudiOasis, returns back to Honolulu to share his epic tale of travel, adventure, awakening, near-death experiences, plant medicine, love, and so much more. After years of living in the pain and shame of childhood trauma, he began his search for a deeper purpose, until one day life hit him like a truck. Literally. It took a near death experience for Jonathan to wake-up, and begin realize it was time to turn around and face his shadows. But it was not until he left the safety of our beloved Honolulu that Jonathan finally discovered the treasure he was looking for.  A story of adventure, deep connection, passionate love, radical authenticity, plant medicine, big waves, emotional rollercoasters, and SOOO much more.


Lecture - Friday - 4:30 - 5:30pm - Luna Temple
Workshop - Sunday - 2 - 3pm - Room #303A


Jonathan Barry is an intuitive business strategist who leverages 20 years of business experience to help conscious entrepreneurs and thought-leaders accelerate their impact in the world. At the age of 14, Jonathan was ordained by an elder with the gift of prophecy & spontaneous healing. His path as an energy healer led him to deepen his research in neuroscience and quantum physics which he utilizes to help people access new timelines for their future. He launched his first clothing line as a teen and went on to create 8 businesses, publish 2 books, raising $1M+ in capital and resources, and mentoring 1000+ people in getting crystal clear on their life vision and business strategy.  As a futurist, he helps people identify emerging market trends and then establish their authority as thought-leaders and experts in their field.