Brian Borell - Spirit Speaker - Language of Light

Language of light is a form of spiritual communication where participants are connected with their spirit guides, angels, passed over loved ones, nature spirits or interdimensional light beings.

Brian will demonstrate this process for several audience members and will allow the group to participate by asking questions and sharing personal insight on the experience. In addition to the individual reading shared in group, participants may also experience a variety of energetic feelings, shifts in personal vibrational frequency‘s as well as deep spiritual energy alignments that occur throughout the sessions event.

12 - 1pm Saturday (Day 2) Room #303B

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings, Spirit Guide Connections, Language of Light, Chakra & Energy Alignment

Brian Borell has been doing Spirit Readings for the past 20 years. Focusing primarily on the form of spirit communication called “Language of Light”. He is able to connect individuals with their Spirit Guides, Angels Helpers and Energy Masters to provide spiritual alignment and messages of hope and healing. In addition to spirit readings he is a fifth level practitioner of Phoenix vibrational healing. PVH is a form of energy work that utilizes sacred codes and geometry to energetically influence and revitalize the mind, body and spirit.

Brian specializes in channeling and connecting you with your spirit guides and in every session provides you with the opportunity to ask them any questions you might have and gives you information you can utilize to continue this connection and communication as you move forward in your life.


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